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Face Scrub Lavender and Bergamot 60ml



Purified water pumice, cetearyl alcohol (coconut derived) magnesium,caprylic triglyceride (coconut derived),mineral salt,jojoba,lavender, geranium,bergamot, sandalwood oils,shea butter,aloe vera juice.


You can control the consistency of paste. Mix with a little water and apply to a wet face move around your face in circular motion gentle for a minute. Use Twice a week.

This face polish has been replaced by the dry scrub due to shelf life and me not being entirely happy with it. It removes dead skin ,make up, and build up of free radicals, polishes them off for your moisturiser,serum or mask to work and penetrate more efficiently and deeper.

using a face polish has the benefit of your your skin going into healing mode a natural reaction were skin cells start producing more collagen .

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