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Mrs Elixirs Essence & Extracts

Made in Australia | Natural Skin Food


Goats Milk Soap Bars "NOURISH & HEALS" Bags of 5 $20


The base of my soaps are handmade with Goat's milk or glycerine .added to them are, vitamin E, calendula oil, shea butter, cacao butter,fruit,berry, flower extracts and spices .A absolute goodtime to make and to shower with will become your favourite part of your day .A basic staple always on hand as fresh batches are made weekly . l always have a citrus type on hand they are fresh light uplifting and energizing using lemon orange grapefruit bergamot  or a warm soft sensual type as in patchouli Sandalwood Rose & vanilla bean . added to enhance these soaps are fruit extracts and sometimes l get very adventurous and through in special spices like anise myrtle, clove ,cassia bark.

No fragrances just pure goodness and 100% essential oil. 

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