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Mrs Elixirs Essence & Extracts

Made in Australia | Natural Skin Food


Yummy Tummy Herbal Therapy Massage Bar


100% Organic Massage Bar

For all the mothers and mothers to be, this one is for all the trophies that come with motherhood.Stretchmarks, scaring, tight dry itchy skin, soothes belly aches, and soothes the mind.

Ingredients; Cocao butter, Shea butter, Lavender oil, Neroli oil, Orange oil, Patchouli oil.

Recommended to use through pregnancy and after to soften dry, tight, and itchy skin. Prevents and fades stretch marks as well as soothing the belly from pregnancy aches, further soothing the mind. 

Rub a few swipes over your belly and rub in, use daily. You can also cut squares and store and use a little square at a time.

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