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Mrs Elixirs Essence & Extracts

Made in Australia | Natural Skin Food


Botanical Hydrating Body Oil Mist 250ml " CALM & HEAL"


A after shower oil mist to lock in the moisture,hydrate,protect, heal,and easy to use.

With high concentrates of vitamin E, fatty acid,antioxidants makes it a excellent emollient to repair damage cells from winter dryness,summertime sun and wind damage.

Botanical Hydrating Body Mist with notes of lavender, sweet orange,ylang ylang, patchouli,cedarwood,jasmine. A blend of  aphrodisiac essential oils .

Im only keeping botanical hydrating oil mist as a staple in stock on the shelf  but you can request a specific blend of your own choice,perhaps one you have had in the past around christmas l put out a variety of  blends,so your welcome to request one. 


Fractionated coconut oil,Cottonseed oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, Calandula oil + essential oils.

Convenient in a spray with no wastes and controlled use. Spray on your damp skin or hands after a shower and spend time giving yourself a massage to rub in. The aromas send you right off to sleep.

can make up your own blend on request

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